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Musée du Quai Branly
Press Newsletter – May to August 2016
Happy anniversary !
In June, the Musée du quai Branly celebrates its tenth anniversary.
Discover the great events of a festive month.
Among celebration, an exhibition devoted to Jacques Chirac, which presents the cultural portrait of the former President of the Republic, who was at the origin of the Musée du quai Branly : JACQUES CHIRAC OU LE DIALOGUE DES CULTURES, from Tuesday 21/06 to Sunday 09/10/16.
Programme 2016
Until Sunday 15/05/16 - EXHIBITION
Until Sunday 15/05/16 - EXHIBITION
Until Monday 27/06/16 - EXHIBITION
Until Sunday 24/07/16 - EXHIBITION
Until Wednesday 14/09/16 - EXHIBITION ABROAD
TATTOO at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto (Canada)
Until Sunday 13/11/16 - EXHIBITION
Until Wednesday 08/02/17 - EXHIBITION ABROAD
POLYCHROMALE, Sculptures and yam ceremonies in Papua New Guinea at quai Branly*TOKYO (Japan)
From Monday 16/05 to Sunday 04/09/16 - EXHIBITION ABROAD
CONGO RIVER Arts from Central Africa at the Pushkin museum in Moscow (Russia)
From June to August - EVENT
Monday 09/05/16 - EVENT
Saturday 21/05/16 - CONCERT
KRAR COLLECTIVE, Ethiopian groove
Saturday 21/05/16 - EVENT
From Thursday 09/06 to Sunday 19/06/16 - SHOW
THE WHITE HARE OF INABA-NAVAJO, Created for the Musée du quai Branly
From Thursday 16/06 to Sunday 09/10/16 - EXHIBITION
WHITE MAN / BLACK MAN, Representations of Westerners in 20th Century African Art
From Tuesday 21/06 to Sunday 09/10/16 - EXHIBITION
Saturday 25/06 and Sunday 26/06/16 - EVENT
Tuesday 21/06 – Sunday 09/10/16
East Gallery
The exhibition JACQUES CHIRAC OU LE DIALOGUE DES CULTURES presents the cultural portrait of the former President of the Republic, who was at the origin of the Musée du quai Branly, or how the strands of a personal destiny intersect those of the history of non-European civilisations.
Long held discrete, Jacques Chirac’s cultural stances bear witness to the revolution that led Europe in the 20th century to unravel little by little its ethnocentrism and consider the cultures of the world with more interest and respect. This cultural portrait on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the museum makes it possible to (re-)discover the passion of the former President of the Republic for Asia, and Japan in particular, or his interest, little known by the public at large, for Pre-Columbian Art which led to the exhibition Taino in 1994 at the Petit Palais in Paris.
There are about 60 dates highlighted along the route of the exhibition, about 60 major benchmarks connecting French, European, or global political and cultural history with the French politician’s stances and decisions, both professional and personal. And, in order to illustrate the issues specific to each of these events, 200 works from international public and private collections – paintings, photographs, documents, sculptures and objects – come together, creating a dialogue between the man and his time.
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Created for the Musée du quai Branly

From Thursday 09/06 to Sunday 19/06/16 (rest on 13/06)
Claude Lévi-Strauss Theatre
Ten years on from inaugurating the Claude Lévi-Strauss Theatre with an epic and haunting interpretation of the Mahabharata, the Japanese director MIYAGI Satoshi has been invited to produce a new show to celebrate the anniversary of the Musée du quai Branly.
From the white hare myth narrated in the Kojiki – collection of Japanese genesis myths written in the 8th century – and the correspondences identified by Claude Lévi-Strauss between these episodes and the Amerindian myths of the Thunderbird, MIYAGI Satoshi creates a show specifically customised for the museum’s theatre stage.
In L’Autre face de la lune, Claude Lévi-Strauss sees these parallel myths as the emanations of a common heritage that would have circulated from Indonesia to Alaska at the time of the great glaciations, when the majority of islands were connected to the mainland, and when the Bering Strait was still joining Asia to America.
The SPAC - Shizuoka Performing Arts Center company will engage in collective writing to discover the oral source of these ancient stories and recreate the link between the parent mythologies, relying in particular on the Navajo myths. Through the emergence of epic images, the theatrical imagination will provide its response to the hypothesis of Claude Lévi-Strauss.
The 27 actors and musicians of the company will complete this work during a residency at the museum that will precede these 10 exceptional performances.
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Journée des associations
Saturday 25/06 and Sunday 26/06/16
Garden Gallery
To mark the 10th anniversary of the museum, an exceptional programme will be on offer non-stop from Saturday 25th in the morning to Sunday 26th in the evening, with more than 30 hours of non-stop opening. Two days of the best of the activities offered to visitors in the last 10 years will guide them through a discovery of the museum’s collections and exhibitions but also, more broadly, of non-European cultures.
The programme includes : non-stop activities in the garden, in the collections area and in exhibitions, regular meetings (introduction to artistic practices, games, workshops, storytelling, collective creation etc.), festive evening, DJ sets, Siestes électroniques
In the afternoon, in the evening, in the dead of night, or early in the morning, there will always be something going on. Young and old, novices or experts, solo visitors or families, people with disabilities, during this free festive weekend, everyone will have the opportunity to participate in this unique moment because, even more so than ever, the museum will be open and accessible to all.
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vie au musee
Monday 16/05 – Sunday 04/09/16
Pushkin Museum, Moscow, Russia
The first exhibition on African art presented at a national museum in Russia, CONGO RIVER, Arts from Central Africa is continuing its international tour at the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts.
This exhibition is a real trip of initiation that will take the visitor from the forests in the north to the savannahs in the south, the exhibition brings out the links existing between the works produced in the areas lying on the banks of the majestic Congo River by various communities which speak the Bantu language.
Behind the variety of masks and Fang, Hemba, Kwele or Kota sculptures, the exhibition highlights the major works emanating from Central Africa, in their conception, their structures and the artistic links that bring them closer.
Produced by the Musée du quai Branly, the exhibition CONGO RIVER, Arts from Central Africa was successfully presented at the Asian Civilisation Museum of Singapore in 2011, at the Shanghai Museum in 2013, at the National Museum of Korea in 2013, and at the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico in 2015.
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histoire musee
From Tuesday 21/06 to Sunday 09/10/16

As part of the exhibition JACQUES CHIRAC OU LE DIALOGUE DES CULTURES, a restoration campaign will restore four major works, including two feather headdresses, a wooden drum and a ceramic statue, to their former splendour thanks to the expertise of the museum’s restorers. 

Presented in 1989 as part of the exhibition Magiciens de la terre at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the statue of a half woman-half monster, a sculpture by Seni Camara whose work remains unusual and original in Casamance (Senegalese artist born in 1945), is made from coarse chamotte ceramic with a crumbly red clay and has one leg broken off where it joins the body. The task of the museum’s restoration teams is to consolidate the clay and re-attach the broken leg. The final alteration will consist of micro-filling the glue line so as to make the operation almost undetectable. Lastly, the basing technique used for the work - presented vertically - will avoid placing the substantial weight of the piece on the break zone.

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WHITE MAN / BLACK MAN, Representations of Westerners in 20th Century African Art
From Thursday 16/06 to Sunday 09/10/16

Europe has neither exclusivity nor a monopoly of the view of the Other. This statement seems obvious today, but we should not forget that over the last few centuries this view was one of the prerogatives of the West, and legitimised a unilateral vision of the world. Nevertheless, although Europe imposed its vision of the Other, its representatives and ambassadors were also observed and analysed before being imitated, admired, criticised or mocked.

Presented in 2015 at the Fondation Pierre Arnaud in Switzerland, the exhibition WHITE MAN / BLACK MAN tackles a subject that has not been explored since the 1950s: the representation of the white man in Africa. From 16th June 2016, the Musée du Quai Branly has chosen to offer its visitors a brand new perspective on the relationships between the West and Africa by presenting part of that exhibition, with 90 objects and photographs from the 20th century.

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visuel statue

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